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Jan Carey Sex Therapist PA

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Meet Jan Carey, LCSW

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Sex Therapist in Doylestown, PA, who helps people find sexual pleasure by sorting out their relationships with themselves and others.

Believe it or not, sex therapy is also relationship therapy – it’s intertwined.

I work with couples that fight or sweep problems under the rug, which blocks connection and intimacy. I also work with individuals who are challenged with making an intimate connection with themselves, which then gets in the way of connecting with others.

Being an effective sex therapist involves a bit of being a super sleuth. Fortunately I am naturally a curious person and enjoy figuring out your puzzle. Sex Therapy involves identifying which part (or parts) of your sexual self is offline. We accomplish this by completing a thorough assessment and staying curious together. Tailored conversations in session and activities to be completed at home allow you to fine tune your confidence and competence so that you can access your birthright as a human being – pleasure! It should be noted that Sex Therapy is talk therapy only.

My Background

My background includes earning a certificate in Sex Therapy and Sexuality Education from the University of Michigan’s School of Social work, as well as extensive training in Emotionally Focused Therapy and Structural Family Therapy. I am a graduate of Temple University Masters of Social Work program. I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Pennsylvania- License #CW015790.

I have a passion for providing a clinical experience which will create healing and re-connection for you and your partner. I know it’s the tender feelings, which are so difficult to speak, that make all the difference in creating a vibrant relationship. It’s my honor to provide the safety and the space needed to have these important conversations with yourself and others.

Education and License

  • Masters of Social Work, Temple University
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), PA License # CW015790
  • Certificate in Sex Therapy and Sexuality Education from the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work


  • Private practice psychotherapy for over ten years
  • Behavioral Health Consultant at a women’s health care clinic
  • Director of community-based programs for a social services agency
  • Child welfare as an adoption worker
  • Facilitator for Family Group Decision Making
  • In-home therapy with adolescents on juvenile probation and their families
  • Managing in-home family therapy program and clinically supervising a team of therapists


  • Sex Therapy
  • Sexuality Education
  • Structural Family Therapy
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy

Clients who work well with me are:

  • Couples who want to improve their communication, so as to feel close, connected and secure with each other again
  • Couples and individuals who have lost or never had intimacy, and want pleasure in their sex lives
  • People who feel anxious about sex and want to release the stress that surrounds it
  • Individuals who have difficulty in creating or sustaining a healthy relationship, or are frustrated with being single and want support in staying open, trusting, and hopeful about dating
  • Engaged couples wanting to strengthen their relationship by identifying and working through relational challenges prior to marriage
  • People who identify as LGBTQI who need a safe space that honors their identity

I believe

  • How we relate to our partners draws on how we related to our caregivers in childhood
  • To be successful at coupling requires the willingness to be vulnerable with that someone special
  • We hurt others when we have a deep pain that needs to be tended to
  • You deserve to have your disappointments heard, and your needs met
  • Therapy doesn’t always have to be heavy and serious – sometimes making space for silliness or absurdity is what really heals
  • Healing requires the presence of another person to bear witness to another’s pain

I want to help you help yourself.
Let’s connect today and get started!