Jan CareyNews

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Sex Therapist in Doylestown, PA, who helps people find sexual pleasure by sorting out their relationships with themselves and others.

Believe it or not, sex therapy is also relationship therapy – it’s intertwined.

I work with couples that fight or sweep problems under the rug, which blocks connection and intimacy. I also work with individuals who are challenged with making an intimate connection with themselves, which then gets in the way of connecting with others.

Being an effective sex therapist involves a bit of being a super sleuth. Fortunately I am naturally a curious person and enjoy figuring out your puzzle. Sex Therapy involves identifying which part (or parts) of your sexual self is offline. We accomplish this by completing a thorough assessment and staying curious together. Tailored conversations in session and activities to be completed at home allow you to fine tune your confidence and competence so that you can access your birthright as a human being – pleasure! It should be noted that Sex Therapy is talk therapy only.