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The decision to participate in therapy is a big one and includes important self- work. When people decide to sign up for therapy they have usually been struggling. Sometimes suffering for a long time. Finally deciding to do something often in itself creates relief. Real change will be created by doing the work on yourself and your relationship.

What is the work?

I like to think therapy is simply noticing. Noticing the good and the bad. Noticing what has happened, noticing how you actually felt, and noticing how an event has shaped you. Noticing what you do that gets in the way of having your needs met. Noticing your patterns frees you to choose something different. Therapy in the end is about freedom. You get to choose what you need to work on and want to talk about. As your therapist I am there to witness, attune, amplify and support what you are saying about your needs. To ensure that you and your partner actually hear what has been muffled and negotiate your relationship needs once understood.

So we hear each other and notice, then what?

We work together. Problems and possible solutions are identified during session. The work really begins after you return home to day- to- day living. You then get to implement the changes that have been discussed and agreed upon in session. You are challenged to notice the barriers to the change you want to make and you bring those obstacles back into therapy the following week until the problems dissolve.

How long will this take?

How long you attend therapy is completely individualized and usually depends on how badly you want to make change and how committed you are to taking on the new changes you want to make. I am happy to work with you until you don’t need me any longer.

The nuts and bolts

Most people need to attend therapy weekly until they make enough traction to feel calm on a regular basis. When possible, we identify a regular weekly appointment time. This is your time until you decide you don’t need it anymore.

  • A 48 hours cancellation notice is required if you can’t keep your appointment time
  • Should you cancel your appointment or no-show without the 48 hours notice you will be charged my full fee (which is not insurance reimbursable)
  • Therapy sessions run for 50 minutes
  • Payment in full is due at each visit

    Any questions? Please call so we can discuss it in detail.

It would be my honor to support you so that you can have the vibrant relationship that you deserve!

Call me today.