Individual Sex Therapy

Working on your ability to create your own sexual pleasure can be a direct way to address problems which originate in not knowing what actually feels good and is arousing. Learning how to please yourself without anything interrupting that focus (like trying to pleasure your partner) will enable you to teach your partner how to replicate what feels good.

As Sex Therapy is also Relationship Therapy- assessing how emotionally comfortable you feel in your relationship and identifying the barriers to sharing your thoughts, feelings and needs is part of what we will take on. Feelings of depression, unworthiness or self-consciousness can block your ability to negotiate connection and pleasure.

Feeling anxious is often the culprit in blocking sexual pleasure.  Learning how to bring yourself back into your body when feeling stressed can be taken on in individual work with me.  


Worry of any kind plays havoc with our ability to relax, have sexual desires, fantasies or receive pleasure. The ability to “stay in your own backyard”, or stay in your body’s sensations as you are partaking in sexual activity, becomes challenging if you are too concerned with your partner’s sexual experience or if you feel self conscious about your own body’s appearance or ability to be sexual. Addressing the core feelings about yourself and your partner beneath the anxiety is where we will look first. Learning mindfulness skills in therapy with me can completely change your ability to own your own sexual experience and pleasure. Practicing how to change your focus from worry to pleasure will develop mindfulness as you take on exercises that develop staying in your body and getting out of your head. Learning to feel worthy of sexual pleasure and how to ask for what you want sexually from your partner can enhance your ability to feel sexual. This being selfish or “self-full” makes you a better sex partner as you show up feeling open, worthy, uninhibited, and ready to merge with another momentarily in passion.

Common problems I help with include:

  • Sexual desire differences
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Painful sex
  • Affair recovery
  • Inability to create boundaries in a relationship
  • Out of control sexual behavior
  • LGBTQI centered treatment
  • Performance worries
  • Sexual challenges after medical problems
  • Dating support while trying to find a significant other
  • Sexual abuse
  • Loss of interest in sex

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